The Guildford Hotel


A little history - Guildford was established as the Market Town in 1829 and the Guildford Hotel was built in 1883, licenced in 1886 and added to the heritage register in 1993. The Guildford Hotel?s roof and interior was burnt in a fire in September 2008 leaving basically a shell of the former hotel. There has been significate time passed since the fire and the start of the restoration and redevelopment   

Slewrig Constructions has had the fantastic opportunity to work with Ultimo Design and Construction and be involved in the internal and external restoration and redevelopment of The Guildford Hotel. We also had the task of lifting the iconic Belvedere to crown The Guildford Hotel as it once did. With the use of our 80t Liebherr Mobile Crane and our valued team of men, we got the task completed without a hitch.

Check out the link below where you can watch a time delay of the whole morning for the lift on 27th February 2016.


The new West Coast Eagles Club House Lathlain 2018/2019


Slewrig Constructions has been proud to be involved in the construction of the West Coast Eagles new clubhouse and training facility in Lathlain. This job was highly technical and Slewig Constructions worked in conjunction with Ascent Steel and Perkins Builders to erect this amazing structure.


Toll Warehouse Hazelmere 2018/2019


Toll warehouse in Hazelmere was erected with 300 tonne of steel over a 3 month period. This warehouse was erected professionally and safely in conjunction with Vaughan Constructions and Ital Steel. 


Port Coogee Shopping Centre


With the use of our 55t Liebherr crane we lifted all structural steel mechanical platforms and installed the platform planks on the top deck. We also assisted with works and crane lifts on the Woolworths area of the shopping centre.


UNIR Hotel


Slewrig Constructions was involved in the UNIR Hotel Perth upgrade and refurbishment early 2017. One of the highlights was installing internal feature stairs. This was a tricky job and the stairs were installed from the top down.


Chiller Lift, Cannington


Slewrig Constructions changed out the main refridgerator chillers at 7 Oaks St, Bentley.


The New Children's Hospital


We were part of the erection of the Helipad and Ribbon Walls at the New Children's Hospital and more recently involved in the erection of the internal steel of the Telethon Kid's Institute.


Wungong Dam Project


Slewrig Constructions has been working at Wungong Dam replacing the gantry crane in the intake tower. As can be seen in the photo's a small crane had to be used and brought in via the access wall.